Working closely with local authorities, OPC is developing public health programmes for the prevention of blinding diseases in developing Francophone countries.

The headquarters of OPC and its Regional Office for West Africa (ROWA) are in constant communication by email and Skype.

ROWA prepares a quarterly provisional schedule of activities used as a framework for monitoring projects. At the same pace, it addresses accounting "field" at headquarters, which is then controlled by the Programmes Directorate and Financial Management.
Each supervision mission ROWA a program is subject to a report provided to the Programmes Directorate at Headquarters in Paris.

The headquarters of OPC also conducts regular assessment missions in the field.

Internationally : The introduction of comprehensive eye health care integrated into local networks, reaching the most isolated populations.
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- Training local health professionals :

  • Ophthalmologists
  • Nurses and Technicians specialising in ophthalmology
  • Further education of ophthalmologists
  • Villager volunteer health workers (primary eye care)
  • Spectacle manufacturer technicians
    - Refractive error screening
    - Creation of optical workshops
    - Mobile Ocular Surgery Unit (4x4 vehicles)
    - Ocular health equipment centres
    - Implementation of management systems aiming to sustain programmes.