Support OPC

By supporting the OPC, we can each make an individual contribution to the process of sustainable development in the prevention of blindness, and can provide concrete help to save the sight of millions of people each year.

Make a donation as an individual.

The OPC is able to carry out its work thanks to the donations we receive, notably from businesses. Whatever the method or amount of the donation, their help, as part of a profitable partnership, is incredibly valuable to us now more than ever. It can take many forms : financial sponsorship, volunteering your skills, donating proceeds of your products, etc...

Make a donation as a business.

Events are held throughout the year for various members of the public, as well as professionals, in order to promote the OPC’s work. In 2012, the Heroes race was one of the ’community events’ which united all of the OPC’s supporters.

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Find out more about helping as a business.

Another important event is the National Day for Associations of the Blind and Visually Impaired (JNAA - Journées Nationales des Associations d’Aveugles et de malvoyants). This annual event is when the OPC and its longstanding partner, Lions Club de Paris, fundraise on the streets of Paris.

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How can you support us ?

Make a single donation to OPC

Please print, complete and send the one-off donation form (download) along with your cheque to :
Organisation pour la Prévention de la Cécité
17, Villa d’Alésia
75014 Paris

Promote OPC through your website and other media

Promoting the work of the OPC through your company media will help us to increase public awareness. Whether this is through a customer magazine, internal newsletters, catalogues, your website, or any other methods you may use, we are more than happy to provide you with the necessary documents and images.

Other ways to support us

- Donation in kind
If your company shares the same philosophical values as the OPC, you may choose to support us by providing some of your products or services free of charge.

The nature of this donation can vary, for example :

  • You can donate ophthalmic equipment that you no longer use. This can be checked and then sent by the OPC to equip one of our health centres, optical workshops or even improve the equipment in our ophthalmology services.
  • If you are not in the eye care profession, then you can make an in-kind donation by offering other services free of charge to the OPC, such as printing.

- Donate your time and skills
You can help the OPC by offering your employees the opportunity to put their skills at the disposal of the OPC for a one-off project (e.g. producing videos).

- Donate your sales profits
On the fixed price sale of a specific product or service, at the initial sale price and for an undetermined period of time, your company agrees to donate part or all of its profit margin to the OPC.

- Loyalty programme
If your company offers a loyalty programme, you can provide an option to your customers whereby some or all of their loyalty points are converted into a donation to the OPC.

For all other forms of partnership, please contact the OPC directly. E-mail : ;
Tel. : +33 (0) 1 44 12 41 98