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OPC is working to create optical workshops that contribute to improving eye care in the countries of West and Central Africa.
Thanks to this programme, OPC will provide eyeglasses to those who cannot afford them. This programme will keep children from failing in school, and it will fight against instability and exclusion by aiding those who suffer from visual impairment caused by refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

How will we do this ?

By supporting the whole project including training personnel to screen for pathologies, in optical correction, and in the assembly of eyeglasses, as well as providing the initial inventory of frames and lenses and establishing a method for sustainability.

What does that mean in practical terms ?

The first phase has already begun with the pilot project of an optical workshop in Niamey, Niger, thanks to the support of our partners : Niger’s Ministry of Health, Lions Clubs of Niger, and the Centrale des Opticiens (CDO, group of independent opticians in France) – Find members of CDO at

Two students, Hamza and Moussa, should begin their optical laboratory technician training in late September. This training will take place at the Tropical Ophthalmological Institute of Africa in Bamako, Mali.
Work will be performed by local providers by the end of 2014 in order to ready the opitcal workshop.

OPC plans to send two volunteer opticians to Niger to help the lab technicians prepare for the opening of the workshop which is scheduled to be January 2015.

The first screenings will be conducted by teachers from several elementary schools in the Tahoua and Tillabery regions. Using the mobile hospital unites, one of the two lab technicians will go there to write prescriptions for eyeglasses. These 4x4 vehicles equipped with optical equipment have already been purchased and delivered thanks to OPC.


The 2015 target is to provide eyeglasses to 300 people, then to another 350 in 2016.
Also in 2016 and taking into consideration this first experience, several optical workshops will be created in Mali following the same model.
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