Work commenced 1998
Nature of work : Implementation of a comprehensive eye care system in the fight against onchocerciasis
Geographical areas concerned Brazzaville, Pool, Bouenza, Niari, Kouilou, Lekoumou
Partners : -Fondation : Mectizan donation program,
- ZetahCongo
Achievements 2012 - Onchocerciasis Control : 686,127 people treated in 770 villages, 1,977,719 Ivermectin tablets distributed by 1,602 village agents, supervised by 187 health workers, all trained by the OPC ;
- Joint mission between the OPC and the National Program for Onchocerciasis Control : estimating the need for Ivermectin in 3 regions covering 770 villages
- Successful search for a new partner : the OPC is joined by Sightsavers in supporting the Programme for Onchocerciasis Control
- Hospital equipment sent in 2008 to strengthen technical facilities in Makélékélé and Talangai are still being used successfully
Aims - With the suppport of Sightsavers, drafting of a project for the onchocerciasis control programme over the next five years to include training and deployment of national entomological and epidemiological monitoring teams.

About onchocerciasis control

2013’s results were in-line with those of previous years, which indicates that we are on track for the medium-term goal of eliminatiing the infection and stopping transmission in two-thirds of Congolese households.
2013 was the first of five years of our partnership with Sightsavers for the programme in Congo.

The project has as its aim to transform the approach to onchocerciasis from one of control to one of elimination, through plans to : extend treatment to previously excluded hypoendemic,areas, improve quality control of treatment in problematic areas, put in place entomological and epidemiological evaluation and survey teams linked through country-wide networks, and to integrate the elimination of lymphatic filariasis with the onchocerciasis elimination strategy.