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Make the most of an event or a challenge, organise a celebration or a birthday party, or come up with your own fundraising idea.
You can put your plans into action today !
It’s easy to create your fundraising page to help the OPC, just post the link on your social networking sites and watch you fundraising total grow and grow !

What could your fundraising achieve ?
- With €5, you’ll make it possible for one patient suffering from trachoma to have the operation they need.
- With €15, you’ll protect 150 people from the formidable river blindness.
- With €25, you’ll provide the operation for one cataract patient.

Useful tip : If you are a resident of France, your donations to the OPC are tax deductable. When you donate €75... in reality you only pay €25 !

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Thank you !

Here’s the OPC’s own fundraising page, where we’ve already collected over €1,000 :

PS : Need more information ? Contact Alain : 01 44 12 41 99 or by email.