Dr Seydou Mariko of the OPC is in Paris

Dr Seydou Mariko, public health doctor, is the coordinator of the Regional Office of West Africa (BRAO) which covers the following regions :
- Burkina Faso
- Guinea
- Mali
- Niger
- Senegal

Having arrived this morning, Dr Seydou Mariko will stay for 3 weeks. After the 118th French Ophthalmology Society Conference, he will remain at the OPC office in order to work on 2 Guinean projects :
- the development of the "comprehensive ocular care", in collaboration with our partner SightFirst, planned for 2013
- the organisation of the practicalities regarding the comencement of the training of the Superior Ophthalmic Technicians.

  • practical work equipment (slit lamp etc)
  • library
  • organisation of educational seminars
  • recruitment of students