Fighting against trachoma in Chad and CAR

In pilot zones in Chad and CAR, the SAFE strategy will be able to be implemented. This strategy, recommended by WHO and designed to treat and prevent trachoma, is an innovative public health approach which combines Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial cleanliness and Environmental change.

Image courtesy of the International Trachoma Initiative

The efforts undertaken by ITI and its partners, including OPC as well as SSI, CBM, WHO, UNICEF and LCIF, will have repercussions which go far beyond the elimination of blinding trachoma. The SAFE strategy will provide a solution for the bigger problems of poverty and development, which will lead to an improvement in the quality of life of millions of people livings in these two countries amongst the poorest in the world. Reducing the prevalence of trachoma and resulting blindness will create a break in the cycle of poverty by preserving people’s capacity to work and provide for their family, and also to increase children’s school attendance rates.

From left to right : a representative of the US embassy, Chantal Veira (ITI), JM. Mambada (CAR minister of health), Johan Willems (CBM) and JP Moulia-Pelat (OPC’s Director of Programmes) during the preparatory workshop for the National Programme for the Fight against Trachoma in CAR (Bangui, March 2012).

The OPC is organising a mission for September 2012 to carry out the monitoring, organisation and financing of the National Programme for the Fight against Trachoma in collaboration with all the afore-mentioned partners.

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