International Day of Action for Women’s Health

According to World Health Organisation estimates, 40 million people worldwide are blind and 246 million are visually impaired.
Recent studies show that in developing countries, women are clearly at a greater risk than men of becoming blind. (Source WHO)

However 80% of blinding conditions are avoidable.

This is why the OPC has been fighting for 34 years against blindness.
Our programmes are mostly based on the training of ocular health staff.

The effectiveness of this strategy has been proven : each year, all things considered, it saves millions of individuals from going blind, and enables the operations for thousands of others.
Many women benefit from the OPC’s programmes devoted to a specialisation in ophthalmology for doctors and nurses.
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Midwifery Training

As part of the fight against purulent neonatal conjunctivitis, the OPC has also trained over 1,000 traditional midwives in Mali, in the regions of Kayes and Sikasso, so that they can administer preventative mesures against purulent neonatal conjunctivitis, such as the cleaning of the eyes with physiological serum or boiled water and apply an antibiotic ointment to each eye, provided by the OPC.

The cost of this preventative treatment is particularly low : 0.038€ ($0.047) per newborn. Last year, thanks to the generosity of our donors, over 50,000 newborns were able to preserve their sight or be treated for this dreadful disease which can make someone blind in just a few days.
This plague continues to affect one in 15 babies in the Mopti region ; the OPC is currently extending its work there.

Find out more about purulent neonatal conjunctivitis.

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