International Women’s Day and blindness

It is estimated that 40 million people in the world are blind and that 246 million suffer from visual impairment (Source World Health Organisation, WHO).

This day serves as an occassion to remind the OPC that, according to research, women have significantly higher risk than men of becoming blind (Source WHO) in particular in developing countries, where the risk is considerably higher than in industrialised countries.

However, 80% of blinding diseases are preventable. This is why the OPC has been fighting with conviction since 1978 for the prevention of blindness. The majority of its programmes are concentrated on the training of ocular health staff, of which the effectiveness is well established since it then allows the prevention of blindness for millions of individuals, and to operate on thousands of others each year. Women make up a large number of the beneficiaries of the OPC’s programmes dedicated to the specialisation in ophthalmology of doctors, nurses, superior technicians and midwives.