"Light for the World" Meeting with the OPC and Confederation of European Organisations

OPC President Professor Serge Resnikoff and Chief Programmes Officer Dr Karim Bengraïne participated in an informal meeting between European organisations of a modest size who share the goal of combatting blindness and physical disabilities : LFTW-Austria, LFTW - Belgium, - LFTW- The Netherlands, and the OPC for France. LFTW -Czech Republic were absent and excused.

Each organisation explained their current situation and their development plans. No incompatibilties were identified ; the participants unanimously concluded that two options were possible for the OPC :
- to join the European Confederation of Organisation fighting for prevention of blindness and the rehabilitation and inclusion of those who are disabled ;
- to remain an independent entity while working in a strong collaboration with the Confederation on certain projects.

The OPC must now make a choice, taking into consideration its development needs in the years to come. Whatever decision is taken, the relationship between the OPC and the European Confederation Light for the World will go towards intensifying their exchanges and their expertise.

In the two weeks to come, the OPC hold internal discussions and will present a motion to the Board of Directors who will decide the course of action. The Confederation will be given the response from the OPC Board of Directors before the general assembly of the OPC will give the official response during the session of June 2013.

We are building the Europe of Blindness Prevention and the Integration of those with physical disabilities. The OPC is proud to participate !

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