National programme for the fight against trachoma in CAR

The validation workshop for the Programme for the fight against trachoma (PNLT) took place from the 14th-16th March 2012 at the Institute Pasteur’s premises in Bangui, CAR (Central African Republic).
This workshop was a success as the epidemiological surveys (1) - mapping out trachoma- and a project from 2011 on the PNLT have greatly facilitated the work of participants.

from left to right : Dr J.Paul Moulia-Pelat (OPC) Mr BRENNAN (US embassy) Chantal VEIRA (ITI), public health minister J.Michel MANDABA, Johan WILLEMS (CBM), Dr Seidou Mariko (OPC), Dr Georges Yaya (OPC)

The minister of health in CAR opened proceedings at the workshop. Then, as the workshop came to an end, he met us in his office very late in the day, thus demonstrating his interest for the programme.
Thanks to funds remaining from a health project by the AFD (French Association for Development) the CAR was able to finance the purchase of all the trichiasis boxes (2) and the magnifying headsets necessary to carry out the programme.
The validated PNLT must be ready by 16th April.

(1) epidemiological : study of factors which influence the health and diseases of human populations

(2) trichiasis : a complication of trachoma

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