New grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation

As part of its SightFirst program, the Foundation’s International Advisory Board of Lions Clubs agreed to the OPC and its Chad partner, The Tamarind Lions Clubs from N’Djamena, a grant of $ 606,077 to implement a Trachoma control project in Chad regions : Guera and Salamat.

This amount will cover expenses related to the implementation of the SAFE* surgery strategy recommended for the elimination of this disease that mainly affects women and children section. Other part, Antibiotic distribution, Face Cleaning and Environmental Changes will be supported by other international partners.

The OPC thanks the Lions Clubs for their continual confidence and their commitment to the prevention and the fight against blindness.

*A global initiative for the elimination of trachoma which leads to blindness has been called for by 2020 by the GET (Alliance for Global Elimination of Trachoma) in 1997. It is coordinated by the World Health Organization. Thanks to this initiative a primary public health strategy has been developed which aims to eliminate trachoma by 2020, which is known by the acronym “SAFE”.

- (S) stands for "surgery" : performing trichiasis operations to correct eye lid deformities.
- (A) stands for "antibiotics" (azithromycin or oral drops, tetracycline ointment 1%) : mass treatment should be implemented if the active disease is present in more than 20% of children aged 0 to 10 years in a community.
- (F) stands for "facial cleanliness" : an essential part of personal and collective hygiene which is needed to stop the spread of the disease.
- (E) stands for “environmental improvement" : promoting community hygiene, particularly through waste management and water supply.

To know more about the OPC’s action and Trachoma control, click HERE.