Read the story of how Mr Sekoun regained his sight

Following a road accident, Laye Sékoun suffered from cataracts. Almost completely blind for several years, he had to give up his job as a teacher and hence couldn’t earn enough money to raise his children. He would have become completely blind had he not been operated on by Dr Camara, who, in Mr Sékoun’s words, “miraculously” restored his sight at the Kankan Centre in Guinea!

Thank you letter from Laye Sékoun

Writing this letter brings me great joy because only a few months ago I couldn’t read, write, or even recognise my own children. I had become almost completely blind…

My trouble started after a motorbike accident which led to my cataracts. Following the accident, I noticed my vision was gradually getting worse each day, and after a few months I couldn’t see anything at all. I went to see several different doctors about my diminishing eyesight but didn’t have any success. I was desperate. I thought it was all over. I had lost my sight, and hence had to give up my job as a teacher.
I spent several years barely ever leaving my house. But then I heard from a friend that a new specialist had recently arrived at the hospital, and could “perform miracles”. I went to see Dr Camara, who, with great joy, told me he would be able to recover my sight, and that I wouldn’t have to pay anything! I just couldn’t believe it, I was in heaven!

Dr Camara scheduled me in for 30th December at the Kankan Ophthalmology Centre. When he took off my bandages, it was a miracle… I could see! I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I cried with happiness. At long last I could finally see my children, who I had not been able to watch grow up. It was as if I had been absent from my own life for years! I owe all of this happiness to Dr Camara, and to everyone else who took part in this miracle.

So I ask those who can to support the Kankan Ophthalmology Centre so that other disadvantaged people who suffer from bad eyesight will also be able to see again. God bless you!

Laye Sékoun, a teacher who regained his sight

Dr Camara is one of the only specialists who is capable of performing complex eye operations in his country of Guinea. But thanks to the generosity of everyone who has donated to the OPC, we will continue our specialisation in ophthalmology and will be able to train more people to carry out these operations. It is also thanks to these donations that the Kankan Ophthalmology Centre was established and equipped.

Conscious of the desperate needs of his country, Dr Camara operates on nearly 1,500 patients per year; 5-6 times more than the average ophthalmologist! Many other specialised doctors and nurses have been trained by the OPC across Guinea, Mali, Central African Republic and Chad. Thousands of other patients who previously did not have access to healthcare, just like Laye Sékoun, are now operated on each year and cured from blinding diseases such as cataract, trachoma and glaucoma. Donations allow these people to protect what is so precious: their sight, as well as the possibility to work simply to feed their families!

At this crucial time where the OPC is scheduling its activity budgets for 2013, we kindly ask you to help support our charity.
A donation on your behalf is crucial to ensure that the OPC has the capacity to save the sight of both parents and children who are at risk of becoming blind.

- A donation of 50€ (17€ after tax reduction), enables a person suffering from glaucoma to have an operation
- 75€ (25€ after tax reduction) would enable 3 patients suffering from cataracts to be operated on and hence restore their sight, just like Laye Sékoun
- 100€ (34€ after tax reduction) would enable 20 trachoma patients to be operated on.
Whatever your capabilities, please help us so that we can continue to preserve the sight and the futures of the most disadvantaged!

To make a donation, please CLICK HERE.
Thank you!