SFO Conference : OPC Partners Forum

Programme for the OPC Partners Forum which will take place during the 118th SFO Conference, at the Palais des Congrès, Port Maillot in Paris, 29th April 2012.
(29th April 2012 / 14:00 - 17h:00 / Room N° 241 - level 2)


Prof. S. Resnikoff : moderator

The initial and continued training of specialists is an essential condition for the development of a quality ophthalmologist in Africa, as elsewhere in the world.
Despite the considerable progress already achieved, a majority of needs remain unmet. How can we take up this challenge with a qualitative as much as quantitative plan, that can bring in the different partners, particularly the French-speaking ophthalmology societies ? Which experiments can we be inspired by ? Which are the pitfalls to avoid ? How to get off the beaten track ? In particular, what can we expect of new information techonology ?

Round Table N°1 Theme : Initial training

Speakers :
- Prof. Jean Jacques Delaye, International Council of Ophthalmology
- Prof. Sidi Ely, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nouakchott Mauritania
- Dr Amza Abdou, Faculty of Health Sciences, Niamey, Niger
- Dr Djada, Faculty of Health Sciences, N’Djamena, Chad
- Dr Yaya Georgezs, Faculty of Health Sciences, Bangui, Central African Republic

Round Table N°2 Theme : FMC and specialisation

Speakers :
- Prof Béatrice Cochener, French Ophthalmology Society
- Prof Fanny Adama, Faculty of Health Sciences, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
- Prof Papa N’Diaye, Faculty of Health Sciences, Dakar, Senegal
Prof Jeanette Traoré, African Tropical Institute of Ophthalmology, Bamako, Mali
- Porf Balo, Faculty of Health Sciences, Lomé, Togo


Prof JL. Arné, Prof Ch. Corbé