Support the OPC’s fight against trachoma !

Since 1978, the OPC has fought to save the sight of the most deprived populations, thanks for the faithful support of our donators.
The two National Programmes for Trachoma Control in Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad are currently about to enter the operational phase. These programmes represent an immense hope for those threatened by trachoma.
This infectious disease has been completely wiped out in countries like the UK and France. However, it affects up to half of children under 10 years of age in poor developing countries in CAR and Chad.

If not treated quickly, numerous children with the disease risk suffering from a deformation of the upper eyelid some years later, causing the eyelashes to persistently turn inward and scratch the cornea (a condition known as trichiasis) which can lead to irreversible blindness.

This is why we are asking for your generous support : to reduce the time in which we can implement these national programmes in Chad and CAR themselves, and save the sight and children and adults affected by trachoma.

For example, a donation of €25 (for French taxpayers, this would become €8.50 with the deductions from your taxes), would allow 5 patients suffering from trichiasis to receive operations)

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