The OPC launches an online community for our English-speaking supporters

Keeping in touch with the OPC just became much easier !

Following on from the addition of an English translation of the OPC’s website, you can now get our latest news updates straight to your newsfeed by :

Through our social networks, you can ask us a question, learn more about the work we do and share our posts and tweets with your like-minded friends and family.

Do you want detailed information about visual impairment, or are you curious about how public health programmes can support a sustainable eye health care system in African countries ?

Then our blog is what you’re looking for.

There, you’ll find a monthly disease profile, news and journals from the ophthalmology community, links to useful resources and information about public health issues, as well as blindness statistics and relevant youtube videos.

You don’t need a tumblr account to read the blog, simply follow the link, get reading and then add it to your favourites.

Once you’ve read the blog, liked our Facebook page, or become a follower on Twitter, spread the word ! Our newly-hatched community of English-speaking supporters needs your help to grow. If you know other people who are passionate about our cause, tell them about us !

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you online soon.