The OPC’s Vice-President interviewed by the Deutsh Welle Radio

In the second part of this magazine, cataract, ocular disease characterized by clouding of the lens that affects the elderly is on the agenda.
But sometimes cataract affects young children. To prevent the disease, should be immunized younger against rubella and to consult in case of eye problems.
This is Dr. Jean-Paul BOISSIN, ophthalmologist and OPC’s Vice-President, the Organization for the Prevention of Blindness who is invited to speak about it (from 0:07:20 min).

In the first part of the programme, it comes to disorders refraction. While it is normally sufficient to wear glasses, wearing glasses badly corrected purchased on the street can be dangerous for our health. You can follow the correspondent’s report of Deutsche Welle Radio, Yaya Konaté in Mali, about this subject.

To listen the programme, click HERE.