The association

Who are we ?

Organisation for the Prevention of Blindness (OPC) is a French NGO that is currently working in Francophone Africa in order to preserve the sight of the world’s most disadvantaged populations.

OPC is :

- A registered charity
(since 05/12/1983).
- In an official working relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO)(since 2000)
- An active member of the global initiative Vision 2020 – The Right to Sight (since 1999)

Our Mission

The mission of OPC is to share knowledge and train personnel in ophthalmology, to establish and/or strengthen programmes to combat eye diseases, and empower teams and promote accountability of local Ministries of Health.

As part of our mission, OPC is working with the Ministries of Health of concerned countries in order to strengthen their ability in the area of eye health by sustainable means of developing their resources and capabilities.

Thus, OPC helps train health workers in the field of ophthalmology and supplies the necessary medical equipment to health centres.

OPC also focuses on evaluations of the current situation, the mobilization of sustainable resources, transfer knowledge and technical support.

Our actions are intended to prevent loss of sight and thus enable affected people to pursue their social, professional and personal lives with autonomy and self-worth.

Our Values

Humanism – Solidarity – Respect – Professionalism – Expertise – Efficiency – Transparency