Trachoma Elimination Plan accepted by Chad’s Health Ministry

The National Strategic Plan 2013-2017 for the Elimination of Trachoma in Chad (Trachoma Action Plan) has been given the go-ahead by the Chadian Health Ministry.

Following the visit in N’Djamena of the OPC’s Director of Programmes and the Director of the Regional Office for West Africa, from the 15th to the 17th October, His Excellency Dr Ahmed Djidda Mahamat, Public Health Minister for Chad has agreed to the Trachoma Action Plan.

The preparation for putting the plan’s pilot phase in place in the Guéra region, (Mongo District) has also been cleared. Two components of the CHANCE strategy for the fight against trachoma will be tested, Surgery and the Distribution of Antibiotics.

The OPC and its partners - International Trachoma Initiative and Sightsavers - congratulate Chad’s Public Health Ministry and are delighted that this important step in the fight against trachoma in central Africa is becoming a reality.