World Africa Day

In 1979, "Yeleen", "light" in Bambara, was the first eye health programme planned and implemented by the OPC. The programme was undertaken in the African state of Mali. (Find out more )
This success represents the cornerstone on which public eye health is based in Mali. It carries on for the great benefit for the people of Mali.
After the successful first attempt, the OPC is working continously in the fight against 80% of avoidable or curable blinding illnesses : cataracts, onchocerciasis ("river blindness"), trachoma, glaucoma, and refractive errors.

The OPC currently undertakes projects in 7 French-speaking African nations : Congo, Guinea, Mali, Central African Republic, Senegal, Chad and the Union of the Comoros.

Results from the past ten years of fighting blindness :
- 13,800 volunteer village agents in the most remote villages, 393 ophthalmic nurses, 80 general practitioners and 1,000 traditional midwives
- 3,800,000 people treated annually against "river blindness" thanks to more than 36 million tablets distributed in over 6000 villages
- More than 380,000 opthalmological consultations in helath centres supported by the OPC

In the most isolated communities we have achieved :
- over 45,000 cataract operations
- 12,000 trichiasis operations

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For example :
- For €5, you can enable us to operate on someone threatened by trachoma
- For €15, you can protect 150 people from the formidable "river blindness"
- For €25, you can make three cataract operations possible


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