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The OPC is registered with the Comité de la Charte, an organisation who checks and approves associations who appeal to the public generosity. The OPC complies with its principles of financial transparency and rigorous management. For more information: www.comitecharte.org.

Preserving Sight

One child goes blind each minute and one adult every five seconds. Yet 80% of blinding diseases are avoidable. The Organization for the Prevention of Blindness, or l’Organisation pour la Prévention de la Cécité, fights to protect and preserve sight. The OPC is an international NGO with specific expertise in ocular public health and has been in operation since 1978. It is a recognised charity in an official working relationship with the World Health Organization; is an active member of the global initiative Vision 2020- the Right to Sight; and is approved by the French branch of the International Committee on Fundraising Organizations ’Comité de la Charte’.
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Fighting Trachoma

Fighting against trachoma. Find out more

Truly effective change

Results from the past ten years of fighting blindness:
- Ophtalmological consultations : 500,000
- Operations : 55,000 cataracts, 15,000 trichiasis
Since the creation of the OPC:
- "River blindness": 710,000 people protected yearly in the Republic of Congo (and 3 million thanks to national equipment - Guinea, Mali, Senegal - following the programs initiated by the OPC)
- Training : 14,000 volunteer village agents, 400 ophthalmic nurses, 90 general practitioners and 1,200 traditional midwives

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The OPC’s Ambassadors